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Photo: Lies Praet

Matthias De Vylder / Bio

I’m a visual artist working in ​graphic design, illustration and tattooing​.

Combining a background in graffiti tagging with some years of experience in graphic design and illustration, my work is largely focused around ​lettering & calligraphy​.

This specialization allows me to further explore the beauty of the letterform in different writing styles while helping brands and humans to express an idea into a visual or identity for their project.

Traditionally schooled as a woodworker while pursuing a passion for graphic design, I’ve always aimed to balance a unique ​handwritten feel​ with the precision of modern illustration technology.

The love for the physical world drew me towards working in the print & sign industry for 3+ years, while serving freelance clients with graphics and illustrations.

The biggest inspiration in my life is the dance between nature and culture.
Spending a lot of time in the woods creates space to reflect on culture with an outsider’s perspective.

Why do I create?

I believe it’s an instinct. A need for expression.
A way to leave a trail of breadcrumbs on the journey home.

Thank you​ so much for your interest.

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